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Roosa Puustinen - 11:32 AM - 13 August 2016  [ message ]
Heyy! I have been now two weeks as an aupair in Amersfoort, near Utrecht and I would really like to meet other aupairs around here. Hope to hear from you! :)
Marlene Ru - 9:12 PM - 9 August 2016  [ message ]
Hello, I am an AuPair in the Netherlands and I am from Germany. Is there someone in this group who is an AuPair right now? Because it's found in 2014 :D
Yvonne Rademaker - 2:24 PM - 2 August 2016  [ message ]

I move recently near by Utrecht and I'm looking for people how will do nice things together. And people how will like to know me en meet with me. I hope to hear from you!
Sofie Worth - 10:03 PM - 22 August 2015  [ message ]
Hi there! I start au-pair in Amstelveen in August, I'm looking to meet up with some other au-pairs to explore Amsterdam go for food ect.... :))
Elle Kerr - 8:55 PM - 21 April 2015  [ message ]
hi! i just started au pair in Amsterdam. If anyone is around , lets catch up !
Ilaria Oberti - 10:20 AM - 20 February 2015  [ message ]
Hey there!! I'm a new au pair and I'm living in Laren. I would like to meet some other girls, hang out and have fun together!
Alexandra Young - 7:29 PM - 28 August 2014  [ message ]
Hello everyone! I am from Oregon, in America, and am wanting to Au Pair in the Netherlands sometime in the next 6 months or so. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Thanks!
Joao Giglio - 1:26 PM - 27 August 2014  [ message ]

Hi Au Pairs,

I'm looking for a fun, responsible, social and warm person to join my family! I'm young, fun, active family with a gorgeous Daugther the right person must a good role model for my Daugther and who will take good care of her when we are off to work.we are offering you Good salary, feedings as well as accommodations. If you are Really interested in working with my family,feel free to message me

Email ; [email protected]

Love from,Giglio Family.
Rebecca Van Tongeren - 2:25 PM - 14 August 2014  [ message ]
Where is everyone doing Au Pair work? :)
Rebecca Van Tongeren - 2:20 PM - 14 August 2014  [ message ]
Welcome Au Pairs in the Netherlands

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