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Abi Jeffery - 1:31 AM - 3 December 2015  [ message ]
Hey everyone I'm abi and I've recently moved to Canberra to be an au pair! Just wondering if anyone is here or knows anyone in the area!!
Hayley Billings - 6:10 PM - 31 August 2015  [ message ]
Hey there everybody! I am Hayley, 26 from a town called Grimsby. I am hoping to Au Pair in the Blue Mountains, Australia next year but I was wondering if anyone else is in the same position as me and would like to meet new friends so they can hang out on the days they get free?

Please get in touch

Hayley xo
Katie Ballard - 4:19 AM - 2 August 2015  [ message ]
Hey, i'm currently an au pair in Cairns.
Anyone else local? :)
Azarlia Robertson - 11:23 AM - 11 April 2015  [ message ]
Hi everyone,
I'm Azarlia and am a new Au pair in Brisbane. If there is anybody else in working in Brisbane and would like to meet up and do something than I am really keen to meet new people and would love to chat
Thanks x
Nache Rozenwajn - 5:56 AM - 15 February 2015  [ message ]
Hello Everybody I Am Nache and I Will bé an au pair in Sydney in two Weeks.
I xould l'ile to m'est Solenne to become friands and senpt time together. have fun and visit the town and the areas.
See you later. :)
Joao Giglio - 12:05 PM - 31 August 2014  [ message ]

I'm Still seeking for an Au-pair for my Daugther,we Live in USA...If Interested In working as an Au-pair feel free to message me or send to an Email ;[email protected]
Hallie Corn - 3:54 AM - 30 August 2014  [ message ]
Hi Deborah and group!

Thank you for adding me to your group, and sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I just arrived two days ago in Warrnambool, Voctoria (which is about 3 1/2 hours from Melbourne), and I am looking to meet some other people who are interested in exploring the surrounding areas! I have my Fridays-Sundays free, and so would love to meet up with others and explore!
Deborah H - 11:06 AM - 11 August 2014  [ message ]
Hi Hallie, welcome to the group!
Would you like to introduce yourself?
Deborah H - 10:16 PM - 10 August 2014  [ message ]
Hi Laura, welcome to the group.
Where are you/ will you be working?
I will be working in Melbourne (from September)
Deborah H - 8:33 PM - 8 August 2014  [ message ]
Welcome Au Pairs in Oz

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