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    Rebecca Van Tongeren
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Last Update:14 August 2014
Come join this group and have a chat if you are staying in the Netherlands :)
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Group Name:Au Pairs in the Netherlands
Group address: http://meetaupairs.net/group.php?group_id=52
Description:For Au Pairs in the Netherlands :)
Category: Cultures & Community
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Welcome Au Pairs in the Netherlands
1 post(s), updated 14 August 2014 by Rebecca Van Tongeren

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Welcome Au Pairs in the Netherlands
1 post(s), updated 14 August 2014 by Rebecca Van Tongeren
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[Roosa Puustinen]
(Created 13 August 2016)
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Heyy! I have been now two weeks as an aupair in Amersfoort, near Utrecht and I would really like to meet other aupairs around here. Hope to hear from you! :)
[Marlene Ru]
(Created 9 August 2016)
[reply]  [message]
Hello, I am an AuPair in the Netherlands and I am from Germany. Is there someone in this group who is an AuPair right now? Because it's found in 2014 :D
[Yvonne Rademaker]
(Created 2 August 2016)
[reply]  [message]

I move recently near by Utrecht and I'm looking for people how will do nice things together. And people how will like to know me en meet with me. I hope to hear from you!
[Sofie Worth]
(Created 22 August 2015)
[reply]  [message]
Hi there! I start au-pair in Amstelveen in August, I'm looking to meet up with some other au-pairs to explore Amsterdam go for food ect.... :))
[Elle Kerr]
(Created 21 April 2015)
[reply]  [message]
hi! i just started au pair in Amsterdam. If anyone is around , lets catch up !
[Ilaria Oberti]
(Created 20 February 2015)
[reply]  [message]
Hey there!! I'm a new au pair and I'm living in Laren. I would like to meet some other girls, hang out and have fun together!
[Alexandra Young]
(Created 28 August 2014)
[reply]  [message]
Hello everyone! I am from Oregon, in America, and am wanting to Au Pair in the Netherlands sometime in the next 6 months or so. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Thanks!

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