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Group Name:Au Pairs in Italy
Group address: http://meetaupairs.net/group.php?group_id=35
Description:A group for Au Pairs from across the world who will be/are/have been Au Pairing in Italy. Find other Au Pairs to meet up with, share tips and stories.
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Welcome Au Pairs in Italy
1 post(s), updated 23 June 2013 by Kimberley Brough

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Welcome Au Pairs in Italy
1 post(s), updated 23 June 2013 by Kimberley Brough
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[Veronica Yailaian]
(Created 3 March 2017)
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I will be an Au Pair in Monterotondo, Italy which is very close to Rome. September-November I am looking for someone to hang out with and go exploring with! I am very outgoing and hope to meet someone to call a lifelong friend! I do not have a facebook but I do have an Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter which I would be happy to share.:) :)
[Angelica Jenssen]
(Created 21 February 2017)
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Helloo I will be an au pair in Fiesso d'artico (veneto) from March to May/June, anyone nearby who'd like to meet up?
[Florence Seddon]
(Created 19 January 2017)
[reply]  [message]
Au pair in Savona for the next 6 months; 40 mins from Genoa! Feel free to message! Ciao
[Joschka Felix Schmidt]
(Created 15 January 2017)
[reply]  [message]
Hey, is anyone in the near from Rome ? I'm from Germany and search other au pairs for meet and fun
[Lorena Tarazona]
(Created 12 November 2016)
[reply]  [message]
Hey, i'm an au pair ir Baschi, near to Orvieto en Roma and i want to find anyone for meet !
[Bea García]
(Created 28 August 2016)
[reply]  [message]
Ciao!! I will be au pair near Rome for 1 year, I want to meet orher people to make plans and explore the country. Contact me, if sounds good for you
[Mary Martinez]
(Created 7 August 2016)
[reply]  [message]
Hi all, I'm an au pair in Milan until September 4th. Would love to have someone to hang out with while here.

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