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Group Name:Madrid Au Pairs
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Description:To help au pairs in Madrid meet others and find things to do!
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Welcome Madrid Au Pairs
1 post(s), updated 11 June 2012 by Ella Moore

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Welcome Madrid Au Pairs
1 post(s), updated 11 June 2012 by Ella Moore
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[Marie-Eve Viens]
(Created 12 February 2017)
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Hey everyone!
I'm an Au Pair in Madrid until the end of March 2017, I'd love to meet new people cause the only people I know is my host family haha. Add me as a friend so we can talk and meet up!
[Joscha Temme]
(Created 25 November 2016)
[reply]  [message]

I am an AuPair in Madrid until May next year.

If there is somebody who likes to go for a run or to do sth. sports related text me please!

[Greta Carlson]
(Created 2 November 2016)
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Hi! I just arrived in Madrid and am keen to make some friends and explore the city. Message me if you are free :)
[Jenna Ruotsalainen]
(Created 31 October 2016)
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Hola! I'll move to Madrid in two weeks and I'm so excited to get to know the city. If there's anyone who would like to explore the city or go for a coffee, please contact me! :) It'd be nice to get some friends to travel with and share our experiences. Text me!
[Camille Erskine]
(Created 21 October 2016)
[reply]  [message]
Hello! I am new to Madrid and have yet to meet many people...I would love to meet up and have someone to go exploring with! Please let me know if you would like to meet for coffee or lunch, or just to go explore the city!
[Lilly Gubaeva]
(Created 10 October 2016)
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Hey guys! I've arrived to Madrid a few days ago and I'll stay here till early January. If you'd like to hang out, walk down the streets, explore surrounding areas, I'm in too! I've been here twice, so I know some stuff ;)
[Lexi Cooper]
(Created 4 October 2016)
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Hi everyone!
I'm about to be an au pair just outside of Madrid in Galapagar, and I'll be there for a year so was wondering if anybody knew any good places to go and could help me find my feet?


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